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Since time immemorial leather has always been among the most used materials by human beings, both to cover themselves up and to create commonly used objects.
With the passing of time, leather tanning has developed more and more thus making it possible to use leather in many different ways.

Today leather cutting allows for the creation of various kinds of objects, as for example the production of apparel and related accessories, handbags, suitcases, shoes, memory books, sports equipment, interiors of cars, airplanes and boats; leather always adds a touch of prestige and elegance. Cutting Trading has always created and designed machines for leather processing.

Raptor, our multi-function automatic cutting machine , the only conceived to allow for rapidly switching from leather cutting to fabric cutting, it allows to carry out shape nesting placement, to upload cut pieces, to re-position leather in a station while another leather cutting operation is being carried out. This plant is therefore rapid and reliable and reduces leather cutting costs.

Digitizer coupled with automatic cutting machine Raptor, a refined projection system and a dedicated software streamlined to guarantee an easy use, create the perfect leather cutting machine.

The simple paper shape is easily and rapidly digitized by means of our Electronic Fashion Digitizer by attaching to the acquired document data concerning the model, the number of pieces per model and the piece name.
These data are used by the nesting program (projection) to computerize the creation of a different positioning for each kind of leather thus reducing material scraps. Thanks to a handy joystick, the shapes in the database can be placed on the leather (on the cutting board). The shapes positioned are then displayed by means of a projector or a laser before being cut. The plant is specifically conceived to be used by a single operator but, in order to increase production, it is possible to divide operations into various working stations.

We offer custom cutting solutions, significantly reducing processing time and material scraps.

The material and fabric  spreading,  the identification of the cutting part as well as automatic and custom solutions, guarantee a greater accuracy and productivity while reducing cutting room costs.

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