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Fabrics appeared in prehistory thus marking the cultural and technical evolution of human civilization. Fabrics in the Neolithic Age were mostly flax and vegetable fibres; later, with the introduction of farming, also animal fibres like wool and silk were used. Today, the chemical industry has produced artificial fibres that reduce the use of natural fibre fabrics.

In modern technology, the fabric is provided ready to use mostly in rolls with different heights and lengths; in other less frequent cases, it is provided folded.

In the subsequent classical processings regarding apparel various end-products are obtained, ranging from t-shirts to coats, yet today the word fabric indicates also a new family of manufactured producst used in technical fields, for example to build sails for boats or tents for camping

In each of these fields we create and design computerized spreading and cutting lines by applying our know how specifically focused on the customer’s goal.

In the above mentioned computerized lines the spreader can drastically simplify fabric spreading operations with a considerable time saving by giving a complete solution to the requirements of all cutting rooms.

Multi-function automatic cutting machine Raptor, which can be integrated in the lines, is a compact and solid machine whose modular system allows for a large variety of applications and for the cutting of different fabric kinds in an easy, quick and precise way.

We can provide custom cutting solutions, significantly reducing working time and material scrabs. The fabric and material spreading, the identification of the cutting part as well as automatic and custom solutions guarantee an increase in accuracy and productivity by reducing cutting room costs.

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