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Cutting Trading multi-function automatic cutting machine consists of a compact and solid machine whose modular system allows for a great variety of applications.
The cutting table is available in two versions: static or conveyor cutting table.

The versatility of Raptor system is based on a wide range of tools available.

It’s possible to carry out different work operations like cutting, punching and creating drawings.
It can work with a wide range of materials by using the basic machine equipment with the tools specific for each working operation required and with our custom solutions switching from leather cutting to fabric cutting has never been so rapid.

The solid frame and the reliable head movement together with the cutting speed as well as a powerful suction system allow for a high productivity and a high cutting quality.

Raptor can be easily integrated with CAD-CAM solutions, shared or independently.

Thanks to the direct connection to a local net, it can save all completed works in order to use them afterwards.

A belt cradle or an unwinder can be electronically synchronized to automatic cutting machine Raptor in order to avoid any problems concerning fabric feed and tension. This way, the system is extremely rapid in roll changes.

In the current situation, an automatic cutting system is required to be highly flexible and rapid to operate. Thanks to the possibility to mount up to 3 tools at the same time, cuttingt machine Raptor  is extremely versatile and suitable for any application.

The decagonal rotating blade tool allows for the cutting of technical fabrics, leather and other materials and is also the right solution for those problems related to an imperfect fabric spreading or to leather thickness.

The scalpel tool, a tangential control blade, can cut the most resistant and voluminous materials, as for example PVC or composite materials in general.

The vibrating blade allows for the cutting of light fabrics tending to slip on the cutting top board without the use of cartene.

The pen marker is provided with each automatic cutting system and allows to draw marking on the fabric that can be useful for the processings after the cutting operation.

The drill can punch the fabric up to a 20mm diameter and, being a pneumatic tool, it speeds up punching time.

The automatic single-ply cutting machine by means of a particular belt structure that increases the fiction with the fabric, allows for air transpiration in order to have a system generating depression with low power consumption resulting in an energy saving up to 70%compared to a traditional cutting with no need to use of cartene and paper.

Thanks to the simple mechanical system the cutting machine can be easily repaired by the maintenance  staff and spare parts are easily available. Moreover, automatic cutting machine Raptor was designed to make the maintenance of the machine itself practically negligible.

In case you are interested in this product, you will find further information on the websites “TaglioAutomatico.com”, “TaglioPelle.it” e “TaglioPvc.it”

Static or conveyor cutting table. Modular system for different uses.
Cutting, punching and drawing tools. Cutting of a wide range of materials.
High cutting speed. Powerful suction system.
High productivity. Excellent cutting quality.
In combination with cradle. CAD-CAM system communication.CAD-CAM.
Format compatibility.DXF Large cutting window.

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