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On demand, we can provide our customers with custom programs to speed up and simplify cutting room operations.

Automatic nesting placement:

An automatic nesting placement software is useful for those companies that, having to create a lot of matrices of small pieces, need to speed up CAD working operations.

Our nesting placement program allows for the creation of matrices, both manually and automatically.

The automatic nesting placement creates piece matrices on the basis of various criteria that can be customizable according to:

  • fabric: following the grain line for single nap fabrics like velvet , 90° or 180° rotation as regards the grain line or not following it at all.
  • quality: keeping the pieces well detached to avoid any contact with the piece next to them or keeping the pieces attached to speed up cutting operations and waste less fabric.
  • fabric dimensions: setting the fabric height and, if required, fabric length.
  • o output: selecting the output desired.
  • o given time: selecting a time limit for the creation of the nesting placement.

The high speed allows for the creation of nesting placements with a high output in less than two minutes and allows for the immediate creation and cutting of matrices.

Rect Divide:

Rect Divide speeds up matrix drawing operations for rectangular products higher than the material height (for example, PVC covers in general) by automatically creating the nesting placement to be cut starting from the height and length dimensions of the final piece. Moreover this program calculates and automatically applies the seaming to join the pieces and the possible security overcut.
It generates a file in AUTOCAD DXF format that can be cut by means of the majority of the automatic cutting machine available on the market.
The resulting matrix can be further modified by using AUTOCAD to add holes, cuts or writings, thus remaining a flexible system able to speed up working operation without limiting the operator. Rect Divide is a software developed by Cutting Trading s.r.l.

Iso Recognizer:

The  ISO files for (apparel) nesting placement created according the latest standards Gerber often cannot be by a few cutting programs, as for example Graphic Pilot by Lectra (RS-274D).
Iso Recognizer finds out the not readable files in a given fold and changes them by making them compatible with the majority of the cutting programs.
Iso Recognizer is a software developed by Cutting Trading s.r.l.

USB Backuper:

USB Backuper creates an incremental backup chosen by the user, thus keeping all files even if they have been deleted from the source folder.
The files saved with USB Backuper are zipped and saved on USB with an extra copy. It needs no save record and needs less space on the USB pendrive.  USB Backuper has been streamlined to be easy and intuitive to use. USB Backuper gets started automatically by inserting the backup USB pendrive; it can be provided with a USB pendrive with capacity on customer’s demand. USB Backuper is a software developed by Cutting Trading s.r.l. provided on USB.

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